Fix-It Felix Jr.
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Color(s): Skin, blue, brown, tan, black, white
Starting location: CAM 6
First appearance: Night 1

Fix-It Felix Jr. is an unofficial antagonist in Five Nights At Treasure Island.


His appearance looks similar to how he originally looked, but he is missing his eyes and both eyes have a scar running across them, not to mention red pupils. He also has a creepy grin the isn't human, but still cartoonish, and long, bony, hands.


Felix would start laying on a chair in the Lounge. He then would move to the Meat Freezer, the Bathroom, the Janitor's Closet, the Roof, the Staff Area, then then Office. The player must hide to survive.


He starts moving on Night 1. When active, he can say the following things:

  • "I can fix it!"
  • "You mean business!"
  • "Quarter Alert. Game on!"
  • "Happiness dies here."


  • Similar to Wreck-It Ralph, his first four quotes are ripped directly from the film, but distorted.
  • The quote "Happiness dies here." is a direct reference to the in-production Disney-related FNaF fangame, Happiness Dies Here.

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