It's hard to be nice on an empty stomach.
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Feral Slime
Feral Slime SP
Species: Slime
Gender: Unknown
Color(s): Pink, red, teal
Starting location: Pirate Caverns
First appearance: Night 6 (Unofficial)

Feral Slime is a secret character that can only be found if you type in "F E R A L" on Night 6 while Really Happy Mouse is active. It is from the video game "Slime Rancher".

Appearance Edit

Feral Slime appears to be a pink blob with cat ears and a short, stubby tail. Its eyes have red pupils, dark pink irises, and red sclera. It always has an angry look on its face, and small, pink bolts of electricity come off its body at regular intervals. It also has a teal aura surrounding it.

Locations Edit

It can be seen in all rooms in Pirate Cavers and on all cams EXCEPT the Broadcasting Room and Undying's Room.

Behavior Edit

It is rather slow and easy to keep track of, but the only way to make it leave your office is by turning off a camera.

Quotes Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Its screech originates from an air raid siren.
  • It possibly has a connection with Gory.
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