Someone keeps leaving a giant, rusty ladle here at night sometimes. It isn't me...
— Unknown Employee
Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Color(s): Red, off-white, brown, white, pink, black
Starting location: CAM 4
First appearance: Night 4

Felyne is one of the ten five suits made by Disney when they tried to add a promotional attraction to Treasure Island during its construction. The idea was later scrapped, landing the suits in storage until a period of time after Treasure Island closed.

Appearance Edit

Felyne is similar to how he appeared in the original Monster Hunter games, but one of his ears has been chewed on, and the other has been covered by a blood-stained hat resembling a cat's paw. He is always seen holding a ladle. He wears a blood-stained bib, and there are stitches all over his body.

Locations Edit

He is only seen in the Meat Freezer and the Broadcasting Room before heading to the office.

Behavior Edit

The only way to make him leave your office is to turn ON a camera and not the other way around.

Quotes Edit

"No move."

"Never liked me anyway."

"Go away."

"This hour is mine."

"It's an excellent day for a stew."

Trivia Edit

  • His screech originates from the sound of rushing water.
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