Dying is a antagonist in FNATI 4.

Appearance Edit

He is a blue blob with cat ears and dark, bloody eyes. He always has angry look on his face. He also has a very long tail. He also has long arms, one holding Pinochio's tail and the other hp;ding a shadow of Mickey Mouse's head. He also has short legs.

Behaivor Edit

He will start in Night 8 at the Movie Room. He will then disappear at 1 AM and go into the Office. When he is in the office, he will wait 2 hours and then disable all the cameras. When he disables the cameras, the island will turn entirely dark and then you will have to run around the Island. When he is in the office the player cannot beat the night. At 3 AM, he will chase the player around the island until 6 AM. He will say the following quotes:

  • You will survive forever.
  • You will never go home.
  • I will extend your job.
  • S U R V I V E F O R E V E R

Trivia Edit

He originates from a nightmare, where the game had no change except no suits are active but he is.

He also originates from another nightmare, where the job was infinite.

He also means S M I L E and S U R V I V E F O R E V E R

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