Donut Edit

Donut is THE main antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 V 0.5 , And will try to get in your office

Information Edit

Due to not having legs Donut has to roll

To get rid of it, you have to shut off ALL of the cams, turn off the power, use up all of your flashlight and hide.

When Donut is in your office it will speed up the humanoids and Tomatoes

Audio? Edit

Yeah, it doesn't have any. Why? Because it's a Donut, it can't speak.

Trivia Edit

Donut seems to speed up the Humanoids by making them hungry

Donut seems to also speed up the Tomatoes by SOMEHOW COMMUNICATING SILENTLY (almost TOO silently) WITH THE TOMATOES.

Hi, I'm the owner, turns out you can eat it... but it's poisonous so yeah.
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