Donald w/Goofys head fy's head (lawl XD)

Donald Duck's Body
Species: Duck
Gender: Male
Color(s): metallic blue/middle sky blue,white and crimson
Starting location: CAM 10
First appearance: Night 3

Donald Duck's body is an antagonist in five nights at treasure island, that is separate to its head. He appears on Night 3 onwards. and also is an antagonist in Five Nights At Treasure Island 3.

Appearance Edit

Donald Duck's body looks just like the Donald Duck from Disney but without a head. But on very few rare occasions, he will be seen with Goofy's head.

Locations Edit

Donald Duck's Body starts in the Janitor's Closet sitting at the back with Corrupted Mickey laying down and can move to the Bathroom, Meat Freezer, Character Prep 2, Staff Area, Character Prep 1 and The Office.

Behavior Edit

Donald Duck's Body will start the night in the Janitor's Closet. Once he finds his head, Donald Duck's body will put the head on. Once he gets the head on he will wander to the Office. He will kill the player when he is in the Office unless the player pulls up the Monitor and shuts down a camera or succeeds in hiding under the desk. It's confirmed to be hostile. But when he loses or drops his head he will say stuff like "HEY what's the big idea" or OH boy also BAH HUMBUG TO OTHER SUITS. He will get another head if he is too lazy to get another head.

Behaviour (FNATI 3)Edit

Donald (is the only donald suit in the game so its called just Donald ) starts off-screen in the Corridor, after a while he will move to the Entrace, if this happens, the Ortensia awareness will start counting faster than usual, to stop this the player must use the radio to lure him to the Kitchen, this will take some seconds, (to Donald for going to the kitchen, he is avoided almost instantly) when exit the kitchen Donald will allways disappear, later appearing at the Corridor again and repeating the cycle

Note:he actives at night 4

Trivia Edit

  • Donald Duck's body can put on the Daisy Duck head by accident.
  • Donald Duck's head can sometimes come back off of his body.
  • Donald Duck's body can put on the Goofy's head whether Goofy likes it or not.
  • he has 4 total different jumpscares. 1 is that he jumpscares the player with no head at all, one is that he jumpscares with Goofy's head, one is that he jumpscare's with his own head and last one is with Daisy Duck's head.
  • If you just shut off the cam while he is In The Office, he will jump scare you Acephalous.

Donald's body can run with any head in the staff area and can wear any head or be headless in office. But when he is headless in staff area then he stays and does same pose as goofy headless in staff area. (this goes with daisy's body).

  • In Fnati 3, he will only appear at the entrace from 3 to 6 times per night, after the last one he will follow his regular behabiour but he will appear at the corridor automaticly after leaving the kitchen, then a noise will play meaning that Donald will not appear anymore.

Gallery Edit

Dolan Jump

A frame of Donald's Jumpscare

CONNIEMCCORMICK - WIN 20160202 203740 (2).JPG|Donald Duck's body with Goofy's head in the Staff Area. ]

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