Daisy Duck's body appears to be Daisy, without a head, as her head can be seen in Character Prep 2.


She starts in the Safe Room off screen with Old Mickey, Hour Glass, Nightmare Suicide Mouse, Nightmare Goofy, and Nightmare P.N. Minnie. She goes through every camera on the island and then the office. She can also put on and wear one of the suit heads. This includes all of them. When she puts on a head, she gains the behavior of that suit.

Trivia Edit

Daisy's Body cannot go into the office or become hostile until she puts on a head

Daisy's Body is the only suit to go into every room

When Daisy puts on her own head in Character Prep 2, she gains her own route, which is: Meat Freezer, Lounge, Staff

Area, Showcase Room, Character Prep 1, Character Prep 2, and the office

Daisy's body can end up in the lounge with Any head, that goes with staff area, and office. The Daisy Duck's body photos where she is at the roof, office are her teasers because she can't have a face head on the roof or a Mickey head in the office. The one in the lounge is a example of any head

This suit could be a take another suits head off and put the head on them.
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