Daisy Duck
Species: Duck
Gender: Female
Color(s): White, Yellow and Purple
Starting location: Character Prep 2
First appearance: Night 4

Daisy Duck is a recognizable Disney character, and is an antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island. Edit



Daisy Duck is, like Donald, a disembodied head, and looks very different from her Disney depiction. She has white feather-like eyelashes and no purple bow, which her Disney counterpart usually wears.


When Daisy appear in The Office the player's cannot hide until they shut off a camera. If she comes a fourth time the player cannnot shut off a camera or the power.


Daisy starts in the Character Prep 2 with MickMick, The Conjoined, MinMin, Old Mickey. she doesn't appear in any camera but she teleport in The Office randomly.


  • Daisy might act like Pluto, Donald Duck, and Goofy's head in that she may be non-hostile yet attract hostile Suits to the Office.
  • She can be carried by her own body on Night 4 but on Night 3 Donald Duck's Body puts her on and can be run in the Staff Area with Donald Duck's Body just like Goofy's body with Donald Duck's head.
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