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Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck.png
Species: Duck
Gender: Female
Color(s): White, yellow and purple
Starting location: Unknown Cam 2
First appearance: Unknown

Daisy Duck is a recognizable Disney character, and is an antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.



Daisy Duck is like Donald, a disembodied head. She has white feather-like eyelashes and no purple bow, which her Disney counterpart usually wears.


As of yet, it is unknown what her behavior in the game might be.


Daisy Duck starts in Unknown Cam 2. There's also a chance Daisy could appear with head mascots in the Lounge of Remastered 3.0.


  • Daisy Duck is one of three female enemies in the game, the other two being Photo-Negative Minnie and God.
  • Daisy Duck is one of the characters that does not attack the player. The rest are considered - Pluto, Disembodied and Goofy's Head.
  • Daisy is one of the disembodied heads in the game. The other two: Disembodied and Goofy's head.
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