Criminal The Wolf
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Color(s): Black,Grey,White
Starting location: Janitors closet
First appearance: Night -1 (secret night)

Criminal The Wolf is a antagonist in five nights at treasure island. he becomes active on night -1 (secret night)

Appearance Edit

Criminal The Wolf is a unfinished model of acephalous but more black and a extra fur tail.

Locations Edit

Criminal The Wolf starts in the janitors closet then go in the meat freezer staring at the camera creepily and then the lounge and straight into the office..

(confirmed by the creator fnati)

nothing more about him but A unused suit in fnati, and it is also going to be more like foxy in fnaf 1

running through the janitors closet and through the meat freezer, and into the lounge, and straight at the office and it will kill the player by running into the player and jump over the desk and game over.

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