Crackor is an antagonist in the game.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

He haves the appearance of a very tall and big animatronic who is a panda. He wears a black bowtie, a black top hat with a white stripe, 5 white buttons on his chest and a clock. He haves very sharp teeth which are supposed to have 5 rows of teeth. He haves a second mouth on his stomach while his body is entiretly tattered and metalic eyes. He haves 7 arms with very long, sharp fingers while one of them haves a big, black hook with visible blood. He seems to have blood around all of his body.

As well he seems to have no suit cover on his left hand.

Behavior Edit

A.I. Edit

His A.I. was too powerful so far, he's very fast.

Locations Edit

Crackor appears on every camera. Although he starts off camera, but he will start his path on cam 5 or cam 7.

Skills Edit

He goes fast to go to the player, although, he can disable the monitor and hiding while he's inmune to them.

Other information Edit

Crackor could be more stronger than Forni, this is due to his balancement.

He's active on night 6, but he's inmediataly active at 12 AM.

Trivia Edit

  • He can be outside of the office if the player clicks at him when he's on a camera.