Nightmare Withered Photo-Negative Mickey
Species: Guest
Gender: Female
Color(s): White, Glitches
Starting location: ???
First appearance: Night 4

Corrupti Guest is an unknown character and a suit and antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island 3: The Investigation. There is a rare occurence that she appears on Night 3 before her official introduction on Night 4.






Corrupti Guest starts becoming active on Night 4, but as said above there is a chance that he moves on Night 3. If that happens then she will move to the Storage Room and Bathroom only and will be very inactive, it is impossible for her to kill the player if she moves on Night 3. Corrupti Guest moves quickly and ramps up the difficulty of the game. If Corrupti Guest enters The Office, the player must hide under the desk or do nothing because if the player shuts off a camera then she will jumpscare the player due to her becoming hostile if hearing a loud noise.


-"Why was I left behind?"

-"I am not dead yet."

-"You can't stop me."

-"There's nothing left."


  • Corrupti Guest is one of the most active Suits in the game.
  • If Donald Duck gets into The Office, Corrupti Guest will jumpscare the player after 5 seconds of getting inside The Office. This can be avoided by hiding before Corrupti Guest enters.


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