Species: Suit
Gender: Female
Color(s): Pink, tan, brown, yellow
Starting location: Pirate Caverns
First appearance: Night 2

Candlehead is a character that originates from Wreck-It Ralph. She first appears on Night 2.

Appearance Edit

Candlehead is a young, fair skinned girl. She wears a pink jacket and skirt with a brown diagonally striped shirt beneath it. She also wears brown leggings with pink polka dots, black shoes that have little waves of pink icing, and a large cake hat with a candle on the top. She wears her mint green hair in two low pigtails. Her face seems to have melted away, and you can see the inside through the hole in her face. Inside her head is what appears to be an open flame that has what appear to be insect legs burning in the center.

Behavior Edit

She can be seen in most of the locations of Pirate Caverns, but it's possible that she starts somewhere in Undying's Room. In Treasure Island, she makes a very ditzy pattern that makes it seem like she doesn't want to harm you. The only way to make her leave your office is to shut off a camera. However, if you stare at her on a camera for too long, she will make a beeline for the office, and there's nothing much you can do to stop her once she does this.

Quotes Edit

All of her quotes are ripped directly from the Robot Girl from SOMA. All of Candlehead's specific quotes are simply samples of the enemy crying.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only known suit that is ill in some way. In the Bathroom camera, she is seen crouched over a toilet, vomiting molten wax.
  • At some points, while in Pirate Caverns, she can be seen stuffing a rotting human arm into the fire in her head.
  • What is left of her face can rarely be seen in Character Prep 1.
  • Sometimes, in the Pirate Caverns Entrance, her shade can be seen. Her shade is completely black, but in the place of a fire, it has a giant eye. Her shade is based off of Truth from Titan Souls.
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