Mickey's Clubhouse is an Location in Five Nights at Treasure Island

Appearence Edit

It's a room with a small playground looking like the clubhouse from the Disney Junior show, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". It has sky-blue walls with white clouds and a green wooden floor. The walls are peeling, the playground is broken, and some of the green floor is mold.

Characters Edit

pete comes here

Pluto will start here on Night 3. He will sometimes teleport to your Office and attract the suits to your Office, like Donald Duck, Goofy's Head, and Daisy Duck. pete, normal mickey suit,minnie mouse,photo negatives will come here,oswald,goofy,daisy and donalds body,clarabell, nightmare face,fleshpound comes here. Nightmare goofy can appear here.

Nightmare God will starts here on Night 4. Go to his character page for more info.

Trivia Edit

  • Pete and Mickey's Clubhouse are both fan creations by Mr.Kurbx