Appearance Edit

He look like Suicide Mouse but burnt, he missing his left hand, right leg, left ear, right button in his pant.

Behavior Edit

He will start in Broadcasting Room (FNATI 4), when you using Audio, he will stand up and the music will play "suicidemouse.avi" but slow, demonic, and distorted. When he in the left, put up your camera to make him go away. If you don't, he will make Audio Error.

Trivia Edit

  • He act like Phantom Foxy in FNAF 3
  • Like other burnt suit, burnt human and burnt humanoid, except Burnt Face, Burnt Minnie, Burnt MickMick, and Burnt Oswald. All they hate having the camera put up like Phantom Freddy, Phantom Foxy from FNAF 3, and Golden Freddy from FNAF and UCN.
  • His jumpscare are similar to Suicide Mouse but darker.
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