Bendy is an unofficial character from Five Nights at Treasure Island.




Bendy appears as a slightly malformed, humanoid-like figure covered in black ink. His face is nearly identical to that of the original Bendy, but the top area of his head appears to melt like wax, a lack of eyes, and his horns are slightly more curved and pointed in appearance. As seen from the side view of his head, the front and back view of the head are flatter. Under his head are a few dripping veins. He wears an ink-stained, white glove on his left hand. His left arm is slightly longer than his right. His right hand does not have a glove and appears to be smaller, painted partly in white (presumably meant to be a glove), and more human-like. His feet are also mismatched; his right foot is human-like with two toes (slightly resembling that of a cloven foot/hoof from a stereotypical devil), while the left faintly resembles Bendy's shoe and appears to be twisted backwards.


He appears on Night 6 (Unofficial). When he's in the office, the player must shut off the camera.


He teleports everywhere in the location, similar to Corruptus.


"Dreams come true"

"Who's laughing now?"


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