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The Bathroom, also known as CAM 5 or Character Prep 2, is a location in Five Nights at Treasure Island. It is a small room with a single bathroom stall, a toilet and toilet paper. The stall door is lying on the floor. There is a sink on the far right of the room, and two green glow sticks on the ground. There is also a wet floor sign on the floor, next to a small puddle of water. Acephalous's body comes here because it's connected to the Janitor's Closet. Photo-Negative Mickey and MickMick can pass through here. Corrupted Mickey, Great Wroggi (Purple Tint), Fix-It Felix Jr., Pinocchio, Olaf, Brachydios, Phantom Blot, Deviljho, Neon Mickey, Candlehead, Buzz Lightyear, Dottie McStuffins, Donald Duck's Body, Forni, Violet Incredible, Ariel, Ortensia (Rarely), Papalgamate, Rachel, Old Oswald, Great Baggi, Wreck-It Ralph, Mike Wazowski, Snow White, Happy, Jack Skellington, Sanstrosity, Gaston, Qurupeco, Springtrap Music Man Felix the Cat, Gory, Walt, Terror Minnie, The Rat, Min min (Rarely), Royal Ludroth, Withered Photo Negative Mickey, Asgore, Really Happy Mouse, Feral Slime, Conquest and Tarr can also appears in this room.

Unofficial Characters (Starting Location) Edit

Mabel Pines, Draw kill Suicide Mouse, Unreal Mickey, Crackor.

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