Species: Deer
Gender: Male
Color(s): Brown, tan, black, red
Starting location: CAM 6
First appearance: Night 5

Bambi is an unofficial antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


Bambi looks like his original form, only his legs, his body, and his head are all separate and float in the air.


He first starts in the Lounge, the he will move to the Meat Freezer, the Character Prep 1, the Staff Area, then the office. The player must shut off three cams to survive, making him one of the most dangerous antagonists.


He starts moving on Night 5. When active, he can say the following things:

  • "There is no heaven. No hell. Only this."
  • "It will most likely kill you. Violently."
  • "I am here but what am I?
  • "It's so cold here..."
  • "Where's the forest?"
  • why did you did this to me?


  • His Shade will have an appearance similar to Shadow Freddy from FNaF 2.
  • His quote "It will most likely kill you. Violently." is a reference to Portal 2, and he could be referring to True Mickey.

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