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This little guy... he do be kind adorable too. He works the same as Willy, except he's a little faster and sometimes you can see a shadow version of Chiro The Skunk behind him.
— Lisa


Baby Willy is official in FNaTI Rp Roblox and fan-made antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


He looks like his normal counterpart, except hes short.


He start in Character Prep 1. When he gets to your office, shut off a cam because hiding won't work. Failing or neglecting to do so will allow him to stay in the office, blocking most of the player's view.


He start in Character Prep 1, then Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, Rarely he can go to Caverns Entrance.


  • His model was made by AntiNightmares.
  • Baby Willy belongs to Chiro (Aka ChiroTheSkunk).
  • He acts like a baby, waddling and babbling away and wherever he goes, there's a rare chance of him leading a brown trail.