Don't worry...I won't tease you for too long...
— Anime P.N Mickey when she breaks a camera

Anime P.N Mickey is a character in FNaTI and FNiA, that was created by a very "perverted"

staff member.

Appearance Edit

She is a white, anthropomorphic mouse creature with black eyes and white pupils. She has the same gloves, trousers and boots that P.N Mickey has. What's different is that she has hair along with unnaturally large boobs and butt. She is also missing the buttons on her trousers and is blushing most of the time.

Behavior Edit

Anime P.N Mickey is seductive to most of her victims. She'll try to flirt with them every chance she's got. She is pretty quick for her size, and is usually spotted running around the place.

Anime P.N Mickey
Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Color(s): White
Starting location: Mascot Only Room
Photo scare2

Her first camera jumpscare

Form of Attack Edit

She'll try to take out cameras, and Henry's only way of defence, by either rubbing her boobs all over them (causing a wet mess that destroys the camera) or just plain swallowing the camera itself and destroying the feed. If 4 cameras go out, she will get into Henry's office and kill him. The only way to stop her is to switch quickly when belly noises can be heard, or she'll break it.

Trivia Edit

  • She has been very controversial, due to her large boobs. Disney has put out that "just because she has big breasts doesn't mean she's scandalous".
  • She is a bit of a kidnapper, especially to staff members. One case is that of night guard Tom Britten. On one of his shifts, P.N Mickey caught and suffocated him with her boobs. The last words he said over the walkie-talkie were "I can hear gurgling noises, like...stomach noises." before a large slap and screaming was heard. Moaning and stomach sounds were heard afterwards, confirming that she had somehow eaten him.
  • Anime P.N Mickey has 3 jumpscares, plus the 2 other jumpscares in the cameras, thereby giving her the most jumpscares out of all of the suits.

Her with Oswald and Donald in a poster. Note that Mickey has panties instead of trousers.

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