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"Yet another grayscale Mickey suit, he will appear in front of the CAMs if you're watching them for too long..."~Lisa Bertsch

Abandoned Willy is yet a major antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let The Show Begin.

Abandoned Willy
Starting Location: Suit Warehouse
Gender: Male
Colour(s): Black & White; Pale
Species: Mouse
Gets active on: Night 4 (occasionally)

Night 6


Abandoned Willy, a Spare Suit that was once used as the SteamBoat Willie Suit, but was scrapped as the newer Mickey suit came in.

While the original Suits were being Repaired, Abandoned Willy, one of the Spare Suits that were being used. Now, that Treasure Island has been abandoned/"closed-down", the Spare Suits are left in the Suit Warehouse.


Abandoned Willy's appearance is the Black & White incarnation of Abandoned Mickey, and is similar to the Abandoned Mickey in the cartoon film, Steamboat Willie. He also appears similar to Abandoned Suicide Mouse.

He is based off his original self, Willy, but has this abandoned look, of being covered in dust. This also is making him contain a pale look.


Abandoned Willy is hostile, and is the most active of the suits left in the Suit Warehouse. He can move throughout most of the locations, unlike most of the suits. He only appears at the left door of the Office, shutting off a camera will make him go away.

Using the monitor for too long while he's talking will make him appear in front of the camera. Obstructing the player's vision to cameras for approximately 15 seconds.


Abandoned Willy will start in the Suit Warehouse before you check the camera, which then eventually takes his straight path onto:



  1. Abandoned Willy is the placeholder of Abandoned Photo-Negative Mickey;
  2. Abandoned MickMick is present in the game, and is not a placeholder of any suits;
  3. Abandoned Oswald and Abandoned Ortensia are not placeholders of any suits;
  4. Abandoned Minnie is the placeholder of Abandoned Photo-Negative Minnie;
  5. Abandoned Normal Minnie and a few suits are removed from the game; however, a few (not all) suits were added in the game.
  6. Abandoned Suicide Mouse is the placeholder of Happy Mouse.
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