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Abandoned Suicide Mouse was once one of the Spare Suits which was used while the Original ones got repaired, but anyone who had gotten in the suit nearly couldn't get out the suit due to it's possessions.

Abandoned Suicide Mouse
Abandoned Suicide Mouse.png
Colour(s): Grayscale; Bright Pale
Species: Mouse
Starting Location: Suit Warehouse
Gender: Male
Gets active on: Night 3

the Abandoned Suicide Mouse suit was once used as the SteamBoat Willie suit, but was scrapped as the newer Mickey suit came in.


He is based of his normal Self, except he is all dusted and more pale.

In his right eye socket, he has a blood red eye.

Unlike his Shade form, he doesn't have blood round his body.


  • Only his shade form has both blood red eyes.
  • This character is only an easter egg, which when active, a demonic like music box can be heard.