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Abandoned Photo-Negative Minnie
Abandoned Photo Negative Minnie.png
Colour(s): Photo-Negative, Pale
Species: Mouse
Starting Location: Suit Warehouse
Gender: Female
Gets active on: Night 5


Abandoned Photo Negative Minnie is one of the Spare Suits which was used when the original suits were broken and torn, so while they were being Repaired, the Spare suits were used, but now that Treasure Island is abandoned, the Spare suits were left in the Suit Warehouse


Her Appearance is that she is based off her original self, except she has no demonic teeth, she has a dusted look, and she has a human eye in her right eye socket.


  • Her Shade Form can rarely appear in the Suit Warehouse
  • Like Abandoned The Face, she only has 1 eye.



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