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Abandoned Oswald
Abandoned oswald by photo negativemickey d9l6uut-fullview.jpg
  • Gray, Black
  • Dark Teal
  • White; Pale
Species: Rabbit
Starting Location: Old Suits Room
Gender: Male
Gets active on: Night 2

Abandoned Oswald is an unfinished Oswald suit, and is the secondary antagonist in FNATI 2: Let The Show Begin.


Abandoned Oswald, one of the Spare Suits be being used, while the earliest suits were getting Repaired since they're broken and torn. Mistakenly, Abandoned Oswald was unfinished while Treasure Island was open. Now, during Treasure Island's abandonment, Abandoned Oswald is left in the Suit Room 4, being incomplete before the arms could be applied to it.


Abandoned Oswald's appearance is based off the Classic Oswald from Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, only except that Abandoned Oswald has this abandoned look, of being covered in dust, making his look pale, like the other abandoned suits. He still appears to have Dark Teal, and black colors, but is being discolored over too many dust. He also lacks both arms.


Abandoned Oswald starts lying down in the boxes in the Old Suits Room. He eventually stands up, which then goes onto the next rooms, being: