Abandoned Mascot PNMickey
Abandoned Mascot.png
Species: Corruptus;

Mascot Costume

Gender: Male
Color(s): Photo-Negative;
Starting location: Mascot Prep
First appearance: Custom Night
Becomes active on: Custom Night

Abandoned Mascot PNMickey is a Custom Night-exclusive antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let The Show Begin.



As the name may imply, Abandoned Mascot appears to be a Photo-Negative 1970's Mickey Mouse mascot costume of it's normal Disneyland's version, though with a slightly Dusty and a pale look. He has white body, with a white waistcoat with a black tailcoat on the inside. He also has black gloves, dark pinkish shoes, & Turquoise trousers with black buttons. He has a blue face skin, with a white nose, white eyebrows, white eyes with black pupils, and a white mouth.


Abandoned Mascot can be unlocked after beating Night 6. He will start in the Mascot Prep, and will take a straight path to your Office through the Hallway. He will appear in-front of the left side of your Office desk. Play the monitor noise in a room to deter him. If the protagonist takes too long, Abandoned Mascot will kill the player.



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