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Abandoned Disembodied
Abandoned disembodied promo recreation by viktorkudelya7 ddvpp7t-fullview .jpg
Colour(s): Gray, White, yellow
Species: Duck
Starting Location: Backstage
Gender: Male
Gets active on: Night 2
I dropped the Duck head immediately, as you'd expect, and moved for the door. As I stood in the doorway, I looked back to the skull on the floor.
Abandoned Disembodied, also known as Abandoned Donald Duck by the fans, is the iconic Disney character of Donald Duck, and is a minor antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island 2: Let The Show Begin.


Abandoned Disembodied, previously just a Spare Donald Duck suit being used, as the original Donald Duck suit is getting Repaired. However, during Treasure Island's abandonment, a "Corrupti Incident" concept has happened, Jake Smith has cut it's head apart from the body, leaving the head in the Backstage 1.


Abandoned Disembodied is portrayed the same Mascot head as Disembodied's Five Nights at Treasure Island: Remastered equivalent, but is now seen with less-saturated colours. As the name suggests, he has this abandoned look, of being covered in Dust. This makes his look more pale, exactly like Abandoned Mickey.


Abandoned Disembodied activates on Night 2, approaches at 3.AM. He'll start in the Backstage 1, along with Abandoned Mickey and Abandoned Oswald. He doesn't appear in any other CAMs, and only just stays in one spot.

He will, albeit rarely, decide on teleporting to The Office. When this happens, he'll make an obnoxiously-type of his loud quacking-like sounds. The method to get rid of him: is to must make the monitor sound to send him out. But if you don't send him back to his starting point, by starting the noise button on the Monitor, he will lure an Abandoned Suit/Toon to your Office, like Abandoned Mickey.



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