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Abandoned Acephalous, also known as Abandoned Goofy by the others, is the iconic abandoned Suit of Goofy, and is the Quaternary antagonist in FNATI 2: Let The Show Begin.

Abandoned Acephalous/Goofy

Abandoned acephalous by photo negativemickey d9l6uo4-fullview.jpg


Species: Dog; Suit
Starting Location: Abandoned Suit Room
Gender: Male
Gets active on: Night 3


Abandoned Goofy, previously used as a Goofy suit in Treasure Island. But, a "Corrupti Incident" happened, the head has suddenly fell off. They tried to put the head back on, but it was permanently not working. This costume was left in the Abandoned Suit Room.

Now that Treasure Island is abandoned, this Suit has it's head on for an unknown reason. But, this suit is not really the same.


Unlike the rest of Acephalous' suits, this normal-looking Goofy suit has it's head on. However, that's the only repair, he is all dusted, making him more pale. He shows some discoloration around the body. His head is the same as his Disney counterpart as well, with the exception being that it has no long, droopy ears, and with the lack of one eye-pupil.


Abandoned Goofy's body is known to act like other suits, but hiding under the desk is the only method to get rid of him, as shutting off the cameras won't deter him. Turning the power also will fend him off.

Additionally, Abandoned Goofy's head will remain in the Suit Warehouse, but not for so long. On occasions, the head will stare at the camera. This will prove that his head will teleport to The Office real soon. If it does appear in The Office, it will make obnoxiously loud, distorted barking-like sounds. This annoys the player a lot. Play the Monitor sound to get rid of it. If they don't, it'll attract Abandoned Acephalous to The Office as fast as he can.


Abandoned Goofy's body gets started off in the Abandoned Suit Room, along with Abandoned The Face, which then takes his pattern onto:

- Abandoned Goofy's head will remain in the Suit Warehouse, but not for so long. On occasions, it will teleport suddenly to The Office after looking at the camera.



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